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Privacy Policy

Private policy information for the use of homepage

Foodslage Ltd., as the operator of homepage, withpresent declaration informs the visitors and regitered users of the pracitse ofdata management,organizational and technical measures for data security andusers’ remedy possibilities.

Controller of data:Foodslager webpage informs visitors about visitors’ datain practise and registeres users practise regarding protection of data,technical arrangements and users’s right for legal remedy.

  1. Scope of managed data

  2. Due to technicaloperation the beginning and ending time of users’ visit, in certaincases-according to the users’ computer setting-the browser, data of operationalsystem and users’ IP address are automatically set after visiting the website.From these data the system automatically generates statistic data. The operatordoes not connect these data with other personal data, only uses these forhomepage visiting statistics. sends cookie for the users’computer, which guarentees the requsition of homepage usage. If your computersetting does not allow the use of cookie, you can only use services limited.

    The controller has madea two-level authority  for using homepageservices. You can freely the products on the homepage without providingpersonal data beyond automatic technical data use. The second level authorityfor the controller is connected to registration. The registered users are bondto orders. Registery has compulsory and optional data providing. In case opfoptional data, the user decides which data to give and make public, but withoutthese data all services can be used.


  3. Scope of data management

  4. Due to technical operating, while viewing webpagethe beginning and finishing time of users will be automatically registered,moreover in some cases-depending on user’s PC setting-data of operationsystemand user’s IP address as well. From these data the system automaticallygenerates statistic data. The operator does not connect these data with otherpersonal data, it uses these only for the statistics of homepage sends cookie to visitors via net, which ensures using theservices of the homepage. If your computer does not provide using cookie, services can be used limited.

    In order to use services, controller has developeda two-level authority. You can view the products on webpage beyondautomatically registered data without giving any personal data. Getting secondlevel authority is connected to registration by controller. Registered usersare entitled to giving ordering. During registration there are compulsory andoptional personal data which have to be given. In case of otional data usersdecide which data to give, furthermore from optional data which would be madepublic. ithout giving these data, all services can be used.

    By filling in registration, users contribute tothe handling of their personal data by Using given data forthe use of homepage happens in the view of users willing consent and presentinformation.


  5. The aim of data management

  6. Time of visit, IP address, entering and storingdata of surfing and operation system are the features of the operation system,managing these data is technically indispensable, but is only used forstatistics.

    The aim of giving personal data during registration is to be able to use sevices of webpagefurthermore it ensures communication between supplier and user. These data areaggregated and used for statistics.Controller does not handle personal data forother aims besides the aims above mentioned. The handling of given data happensint he view of the user’s willing consent.

  7. Duration of data management

  8. Session IDs are cancelled automatically atshutdown. Users can delete their cookie any time. Users can delete theirpersonal data given for registration at any time. Controller may delete data ifthe service ceases to exist or forbids the requisition of service.

  9. Right for access, data processors

  10. Only controllers co-workers have access to users’given personal data as well as to data needed for technical operating. Controllercannot give personal data to any third party. This does not refer totransmission of data required by law. Before providing data information toauthority, the controller examines if transmission of data has plea and ifneeded asks for the opinion of Data Protection Supervisor. Non-public and thirdparty have no access to user’s password nor e-mail address. Password is onlyknown by the user, therefore in case of its loss, cannotreproduce this. The reason for this is that the controller uses such encryptionmethod that ensures security for all users’ password. IN case of forgettingpassword, new password can be requiered.

  11. User's rights for data managements, deletion of data

  12. Theplea of managing personal data mentioned at the 2. point is the voluntarycontribution of users. All visitors and registered users may ask for theirpersonal data processing. Controller provides written notice within 30 daysabout data processing, aim, plea, duration of data management, name and addressof data processing, activities in connection with data processing furthermoregives information about who and for what purpose were data given. Informationcan be asked from controllers postal address, e-mail address if user’s postaladdress is given.

    Usersmay object against managing their personal data within this may ask forretification and deletion of their personal data via controller’s postal ore-mail address. Controller must reply to deletion of personal data request sentby e-mail within 72 hours.

  13. Enforcement possibilities

  14. Ifusers feel that has violated personal data rights we ask tocontact us in order to remedy possible infrigement. Users are informed thattheir legal claim can be enforced either before cilvil court or can ask for thehelp of data protection supervisor. Legislative amendments on this matter andfor controller’s obligations are set out in Protection of Personal Data andDisclosure of Public Data Act of 1992. LXIII, Electronic Commercial Service andseveral issues in connection with Information Society Act 2001. CVIII. 13/Aarticle.

    If anyquestion arises regarding personal data protection please contact us viae-mail.

  15. Contractual Clause

  16. Controllerretains the right to change its Privacy Statements. This is taken intoconsideration especially if scope of services increase or if required bynational law. The change of data processing does not mean different handelingof personal data. Information regarding this shall be published on controller’swebsite 15 days before